The perfect solution: A satellite courthouse location for a fraction of the cost.


Remote location, secure local service

Expand your reach beyond the courthouse by providing a satellite Kiosk terminal all throughout your county! Each Kiosk location is installed in a secure location by our team, maintained and serviced by our team, and fully supported by our team on your behalf.

CountyKiosk allows you to grow you reach and create additional touch points throughout your county. As a data-enabled, fully secure kiosk location, CountyKiosk serves as a remote satellite courthouse location for a fraction of the cost. Our team manages everything and sets everything up, you watch the renewals start rolling in.


Provide convenience to the community by allowing task related transactions to take place outside the courthouse walls but still within your team's control.

Partner with local businesses

Many companies could save a significant amount of time by placing a Kiosk on their property or in their office building. Employees could prevent using paid time off to spend time at the courthouse.

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Kiosk blountsville
First kiosk at the local We-Tote-Em gas station in Blountsville, AL