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We are an Alabama software and services company focused on improving customer engagement, office operations, and office efficiency.

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Our Products & Services

We provide a comprehensive set of solutions and services to help you better engage your customer and run a more efficient office.
From Mobile applications, iPad kiosks, and web solutions to mail services and credit card processing; we have everything you need to make your day a breeze.


65% of the population owns a smartphone, and it’s expected that 100% of phones will be smartphones within 3 years. County Mobile is the ONLY native iOS/Android application designed specifically for local government. Mobile apps provide a much faster and richer experience for the end user and a more efficient interaction with your county office.


County Web is a seamless online experience designed to provide an easier transaction for your customers. County Web takes less time, and requires fewer clicks and page loads than any other solution. Back end reporting and reconciliation has been designed to save county staff time and was developed based purely on customer feedback.

Kiosk Renewal Stations

The perfect solution: A satellite courthouse location for a fraction of the cost. Expand your reach beyond the courthouse by providing a satellite Kiosk terminal all throughout your county! Our team manages everything and sets everything up, you watch the renewals start rolling in.


County Pay is an “at the counter” solution designed specifically for fast and easy payment processing. Built to be a user friendly and streamlined process, County Pay provides an easy to use interface with competitive processing rates. Advanced settlement and reconciliation tools save time!


County Mail provides a fully integrated mailing service. We consult with your team on the design and delivery of service, and customization options are available. Additionally, County Apps provides digital delivery services as well by providing customers a PDF copy of their notice. This can directly impact your county’s bottom line and reduce costs.


A fully integrated website built to make things easy and accessible. County Design is an in-house solution for custom website building. Our skilled designers can help transform your customer's experience beyond the courthouse walls and provide a fully customized website for your county or office. Service includes a full consultation, training, launch support, and site design.

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About Us

Our mission is to build easy to use yet robust solutions for our customers and their communities, and provide unparalleled customer service to each.

Our Story

County Apps was initially founded out of a need to help reduce vehicle tag lines and increase communication between citizens and their county. We saw that most people standing in line were on smart phones. Then we asked the question, "Why can't they just renew from their phone?". After learning that there were no solutions we partnered with several early adopter counties in Alabama to build that solution.

After solving that problem our customers gave us other great ideas about how to help them and their citizens. Out of those conversations was born our Kiosk renewal stations, Web renewals and property payments, Website design, Credit Card payments at the counter and mailing solutions. Anything our customers can dream, we can build.

Our Company

County Apps is proudly established in Birmingham, Alabama.

Our company was founded on 2 decades of enterprise software experience, with deep knowledge in the Software as a Service market (SaaS). This domain expertise allows us to leverage economies of scale to solve real world problems in an economic and efficient way. Our focus is on our customers and providing an exceptional experience in every interaction. Our background also includes experience in county government and our solutions were designed for our government partners.

Our Philosophy

By choosing County Apps, you get more than just a "vendor". You get a technology partner.

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This needs to be in every county in the nation. Blount County, AL Citizen

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